How to extend the life of the water boiler?


A good water boiler, just like a good computer and cell phone, will not get stuck, will not crash, and has a long service life, that is to say, so does the thermal energy saving water boiler; of course, this is inseparable from our daily maintenance.


First, the water boiler should be installed in a dry, cool place with drainage settings, power grounding and leak-proof. Second, to ensure that the water boiler hygiene and wire aging, to ensure the safety of the electric socket. Third, regular inspection and regular cleaning of the inner tank, otherwise mineral precipitation will lead to a decline in water quality; there are ways to clean the water boiler. It is difficult to remove the scale with general detergents. Can not be cleaned with strong corrosive agents such as hydrochloric acid, which is harmful to human body.

  There is also a very important link. We know that the water boiler is equipped with a water purification system. After three to six months of use, it should be replaced and cleaned, which helps to extend the life of the water boiler electric heating tube. When replacing the cleaning cartridge must remember to cut off the power, unscrew the cartridge shell one by one with a special wrench, clean the cartridge shell, the inner tank, and replace the cartridge. When installing, assemble the filter in the opposite order of disassembly. After the water and electricity are connected, make sure to check whether there is water seepage. When replacing the cartridge, remember not to splash water on the electrical parts of the hot water boiler.

  While paying attention to the maintenance of the water boiler, you should also be careful when using the water boiler to avoid being scalded by hot water. Pay attention to the maintenance of the water boiler so that we can use it better and longer. The invention is conducive to prolong the service life of the hot water boiler, and only with better protection measures for the hot water boiler, the Novelty instant energy saving hot water boiler will bring you a better user experience.

  Electric water boiler, seafood steamer and other hot water equipment affected by water quality will form scale; if scale accumulates for a long time, it will absorb harmful substances and affect the health of water. So, how to effectively remove limescale?

  1、Cleaning frequency:

  (1) If the boiling water machine inlet is installed with a water purifier, in the case of regular replacement of the cartridge, should be at least once a month to descale according to the different water quality around.

  (2) If no water purifier is installed, descaling should be carried out at least 3-4 times a month according to the water quality.

  2、Cleaning method

  (1)If the scale accumulates too much, you can open the upper cover of the boiling water machine, you can manually remove and flush with high-pressure water, but must prevent damage to the heating pipe and the inner tank.

  (3) If you can clean regularly, you can use non-strong acid scale removal powder to remove scale.

  Specific methods:

  (1) close the power and water inlet valve of the water boiler.

  (2) Empty the water in the tank.

  (3) Dilute the rust removal powder in the container with warm water, then pour it into the boiler and fill it with water for heating.

  (4) Soak in warm water of about 60℃ for 2-3 hours, then drain.

  (5) Rinse repeatedly after cleaning to avoid residual rust removal powder from corroding the inner tank of the water boiler.


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Nanjing Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute of insulation cup (stainless steel liner) was tested, inspectors will be the same type of tea in accordance with people's daily brewing tea using glass cups and insulation cups on-site brewing, with reference to the national standard GB5009.268-2016 "Food Safety National Standard for the determination of multiple elements in food," the prescribed method to detect the content of lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium in two kinds of tea.


Less detours, the correct selection of home direct drinking water fountains

Home is the most important place in the hearts of all people, in order to ensure the health of our family, drinking water safety is not to be ignored. So how to drink safe water? Direct drinking water fountain is a good choice. However, in the face of a wide variety of direct drinking water fountains on the market, which is the best home drinking water fountains, how to buy the problem, has become a hot spot of concern.

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