Guangdong Yuhao Kitchen Appliances Co., Ltd. wishes everyone a happy Lantern Festival


Sweet and salty dumplings make life tasty
Guangdong Yuhao Company wishes everyone a happy Lantern Festival and a happy family!


Our company won the "Top Ten Most Valuable Brands in China Hotel Supplies Industry

Ltd. "Yuhao" commercial electric water boiler was awarded the "Top Ten Most Valuable Brands in China's Hotel Supplies Industry" by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Kitchenware Industry Chamber of Commerce and China Hotel Supplies Association.


Preference for the fragrance of cinnamon, loyalty to the product matter

I have always been curious about Yuhao water boiler. In the industry for nearly 7 years, many times the Guangzhou business trip, have not really gone to Yuhao kitchenware company. Coinciding with the "China commercial kitchen - 2018 industry leader outlook" column on the occasion of the launch, HC kitchen network sincerely invite outstanding entrepreneurs in the commercial kitchen industry representatives for interviews, through the leader's vision of future industry development. The second issue, we are honored to interview Mr. Yu Bojian, Chairman of Guangdong Yuhao Kitchen Appliances Co., Ltd. and also have the honor to enter the Yuhao production workshop for the first time, to personally inspect and feel the appearance of an excellent water boiler manufacturer!


Insulated cup tea will soak out heavy metals? These four kinds of drinks should not be poured into it!

Nanjing Food and Drug Supervision and Inspection Institute of insulation cup (stainless steel liner) was tested, inspectors will be the same type of tea in accordance with people's daily brewing tea using glass cups and insulation cups on-site brewing, with reference to the national standard GB5009.268-2016 "Food Safety National Standard for the determination of multiple elements in food," the prescribed method to detect the content of lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium in two kinds of tea.


Less detours, the correct selection of home direct drinking water fountains

Home is the most important place in the hearts of all people, in order to ensure the health of our family, drinking water safety is not to be ignored. So how to drink safe water? Direct drinking water fountain is a good choice. However, in the face of a wide variety of direct drinking water fountains on the market, which is the best home drinking water fountains, how to buy the problem, has become a hot spot of concern.

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