Corporate Vision:

The world's environment and climate are gradually warming to affect the earth on which we live, and energy conservation and emission reduction are urgently needed.

Yuhao boiling water drinking water equipment brings together advanced domestic and foreign environmental protection concepts from technology development to cost accounting, from modeling design to the use of materials. The product series are widely used in high-clean energy and recycled food-grade 304L stainless steel and high-density perfusion insulation materials. The product will not produce exhaust gas and noise during the use of the product. The advanced Crescen logic step-by-step water boiling control patent technology can effectively decompose the chloride ions in the tap water and retain the nutrients and beneficial minerals in the water. The principle structure of high-tech heating technology and steam recovery under the insulation of high-density insulation materials reflects the secondary utilization of heat energy, which makes the heat use efficiency as high as 98%, reduces the environmental impact, and greatly saves the use of costs and energy. Yuhao Electric boiling water drinking equipment is not only a gas station that helps your business succeed, but also improves the environment and provides a healthy and comfortable working and living space.


To become a domestic excellent drinking water equipment company with original core technology, professional quality and complete specifications with excellent, special and new products. We are willing to provide complete services to new and old customers with high-quality products at a reasonable price. In the "independent innovation, technological development, "Keep improving" corporate policy and you are moving towards a healthy and beautiful tomorrow.

Enterprise Spirit:

Innovation, Integrity, Pragmatism, Dedication And Efficiency

Product business philosophy:

Specialization, Quality, Service, Branding

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